What Time Of Year Is Cheapest To Replace A Roof?

When getting ready to replace your roof, it is important to know the best and cheapest times for replacing a roof. By choosing the perfect time of year to replace your roof, you can get it done quickly and for a cheaper price. If you are ready to learn what time of year is the cheapest to replace a roof, keep reading! 


Before looking at which season is the cheapest to replace your roof, it is important to understand busy and slow roofing seasons.  This refers to how busy each season is when it comes to replacing a roof, with Fall being the busiest season of the year and Winter extremely slow. 

However, just because a season is slow does not mean that it is always the best season to get your roof replaced. There are often different cons related to slow reasons that show why they are cheap seasons. You will need to keep this in mind when choosing the time of year you decide to have your roof replaced. 

The only way to be completely certain about when it is busy or slow for roofing companies near you is to contact them directly. They can provide accurate information and help you decide what time of the year will be best for you to have your roof replaced or a new roof installed regarding cost, ease of labor, and more. 



Replacing your roof in the winter comes with several benefits compared to the other seasons. Firstly, winter is the slowest season for roof contractors, meaning prices will be cheaper, and more roofing contractors will be available to provide roofing replacement services. However, the season does come with many cons. 

These cons include

  • Extreme cold temperatures, which can damage roofing materials, making it impossible to install shingles at times. Shingles can only be installed when temperatures exceed 40 – 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  • Workers have to take more breaks when working in the winter, causing jobs to take longer than in warmer seasons.
  • Sleet, ice, and snow can all cause damage to roofs and roofing materials, so you will have a less durable roof if you replace it during the winter. 

If you do not care if your roof is replaced quickly, and money is your biggest concern regarding your roof replacement, then winter is the best season for you. Otherwise, you should wait for warmer seasons to hire roof contractors to replace your roof. 


Spring is considered one of the ideal seasons to replace your roof as it lacks the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. The weather is cooler, so workers do not have to worry about taking extra breaks due to heat or extreme cold, and there is less humidity that could cause damage to roofing materials. 

Just like winter, though, Spring comes with a fair amount of cons that could cause issues for your roof replacement. 

  • Since the weather is beginning to warm up, roof contractors are beginning to become busier. People are starting to want their roofs replaced, and availability decreases. 
  • Costs are higher than in winter but are still cheaper than in the summer and fall seasons. 
  • Spring is well-known for long stretches of rain in most areas, which can cost longer installations as workers have to wait for the weather to clear. 
  • You should aim for May and June for your roof replacement if you decide to go with the spring. 

Compared to the winter, Spring is much busier, so plan accordingly for your roof replacement. You should start looking at contractors in the winter to have everything ready for spring so you do not have to wait to start. 


Summer is an unpredictable roofing season as you can never know how things will turn out. Usually, you will be fine if you schedule your roof replacement for the beginning of summer instead of waiting for the middle and end. It will not be as humid or hot, and the installation can often go quickly. 

However, summer is also a hectic time for roof replacements, and if you do not schedule earlier in the year, you may be out of luck. Prices are often much higher than earlier times of the year as roof contractors have a large demand. 

A few other cons include:

  • The hot and humid weather will require workers to take longer breaks for water and to get out of the sun.
  • Heat and humidity can also cause your roof to be less durable than if it was installed during the spring or fall. The heat can even cause the shingles to melt, which is the last thing you want when replacing your roof.


When it comes to replacing your roof, fall is the busiest but the best season to replace your roof. While it is the best season, it will be the most expensive as contractors can be booked for weeks or even months, and everyone is looking to have their roofs replaced before winter hits, making it harder to replace them. 

There are not really any cons that come with the fall season other than it being so expensive and extremely busy. However, since it is so busy, if you do not book a contractor earlier in the year, it will be almost impossible to book one before winter hits. Keep this in mind when planning your roof replacement. 

So, all in all, fall is the best season to replace your roof, but it is the most expensive and difficult to book a contractor. 


Replacing your roof can be long and expensive, but if you choose the right season to replace your roof, you can optimize the time and cost. If you want your roof done quickly, go with early summer. If you want the cheapest prices for your roof replacement, go with winter, and if you want the best season of the year, go with the Fall. You now know what time of year is cheapest to replace a roof. 

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You should now know what time of year is cheapest to replace a roof and we wish you all the best!