Importance Of Gutter Maintenance

Are you wondering about the importance of gutter maintenance? The importance of getting gutters cleaned and keeping them clean can not be overstated. Not exercising proper care of your gutters can lead to major headaches that could have been squared away with consistent maintenance. Doing your property a favor and looking into how to keep these issues squared away should be high on your priority list. Avoiding clogs, pests, and water build-up is a must for any homeowner looking to preserve the quality of their home and prevent roof leaks and damage.

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Gutters catch rainwater, funneling it away from your roof, walls, and the infrastructure of your house. When your gutters clog, you lose this smooth flow of water and ruin the efficiency of the system preserving your fascia as well as exterior walls. When there is a blockage, that flow of water stagnates at the top of your roof and creates a puddle, which leads to roof damage itself. This puddling can also freeze over during winters, causing what is known as an “ice-dam” which will hold water and allow it to collect even more water and further roof damage. Clearing the ice out can be a more arduous and expensive process than the preventative measure that would be a gutter cleaning, and can be dangerous.

Understanding the problems water build up can do to just your house, imagine the damage to your wallet. Not maintaining your gutters causes serious equity problems.

Keeping your gutters up to snuff can also help with the value of your house, as well as its retention of value. Preventing damage through a clogged gutter is crucial as the weight they bare on your house can cause serious issues later on down the line. It can lead to damage to your walls, leaks in your roof, and the aforementioned “ice-dams” that form. In addition to this, you may need larger gutter repairs of your gutter system is neglected.


Water is not the only issue that becomes pressing with cluttered gutters. Pests see the leaves and pile-up and figure they found a suitable home to stay in! Clogged gutters serve as a great nesting spot for small critters that may develop a taste for the infrastructure of your house. The jams serve as hotspots and encourage breeding that you definitely do not need. Pests can destroy homes and multiply within your own gutters, at the same time bringing with them diseases and bacteria that put you and your family in danger.

Not only that, but the water not being caught by your gutter can make its way to crevices deep in the foundation of your house. The water can shift your gutter system entirely as well, leading to structural damage. Problems can arise within your landscaping as well, with the pests mentioned earlier, as well as just poor water management. Not just your landscaping is in jeopardy. The shifting can lead to breakage even in the foundation and integrity of your house. The amount of work that would have to be done that could have been avoided with proper checks to your gutter system.


As you can imagine, the importance of keeping well kept gutters does not limit itself to your home. Gutters prevent runoff from ruining your yard as well. Erosion will take over your sidewalks and driveway, cracking and shifting them underneath your feet. The improper flow of water can weaken the structure it’s flowing on or create enough pressure to offset tiling or split sidewalk. It can lead to faults in the concrete of your property that were avoidable should there have been proper maintenance.

 Being proactive is one way to really assure none of this happens to you. All of these issues can easily be solved by maintaining your gutters, keeping them clean and not allowing any problems to build up, both figuratively and literally. Understanding all of this can go a long way in home-owning as well as landscaping. Not to mention the risk of aesthetic depreciation, staining and plant matter build up are serious issues with bulking gutters. Down to brass tacks, neglected gutters can cause many different problems that have implications down the line, so it is best to get ahead of it before any serious damage takes place.


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You should now know more about the importance of gutter maintenance.