How To Negotiate Roof Replacement With Insurance

If you are wondering how to negotiate a roof replacement with insurance, you are in the right place! When your home is damaged by nature, it is a great idea to file a claim with your insurance company or find the most affordable roofing company you can. Whether your roof is damaged from wind, water, or even fire, it is a promising idea to file a claim with your insurance company. Keep reading to learn how to negotiate roof replacement with your insurance. 


Each insurance policy is different. That is why you should make sure to read your insurance policy thoroughly before you decide to file a claim. Plus, it is always best to get a professional opinion from a roof inspector. Before we continue, here are a few things that your insurance will not cover. 

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  1. Your roof will have normal wear and tear throughout its life. You will need to prove that the damages are more than just your normal wear and tear. 
  2. If you do not maintain your roof, insurance is not going to cover the damages. You should be maintaining your roof as it shows necessary. If you are able to prove that you have had regular maintenance, it could help you win your case against them. 
  3. If you have mold or mildew on or in your roof, this is not covered by insurance. 
  4. If you have damage from pests or birds, your insurance company does not see this as a fit claim. 
  5. If you hire a contractor and they work on the roof and damage it, the insurance is not going to cover it. The contractor should have insurance that covers what was damaged. If they do not, it is your responsibility to cover the damages. 
  6. In some states, any earth movement will not be covered by insurance. This includes earthquakes and even sinkholes. However, be sure to check your insurance policy as some states do cover some of the earth movement damages. 


You want to be fully prepared when the insurance agents come to your home. You want to ensure you have all maintenance records of your roof, any inspection reports that you have had done, and proof with photos. Before and after photos are absolutely necessary for an insurance claim. 


Whenever a claim is filed, an adjuster will be sent to your house. The adjuster is going to be the person who looks at the damages and assesses it. The adjuster will look for damages from natural elements. This includes hail, water, wind, and any other weather-related items. 

The adjuster is looking at your shingles to see if there is loss of granule or even broken shingles. They are also going to look to see if there is any exposed underlayment. If there is exposed underlayment, they are going to look at it close to see if there are dark streaks that indicate algae. 

Keep in mind that you are going to have a challenging time winning a claim if you are not taking care of your roof properly or if your roof is too old. 

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We are going to talk about how you can file the best claim to ensure that you have the best odds at winning against your insurance. 

The first thing that you are going to want to do is get your roof inspected. Make sure that you are hiring a professional to do this so that there is record. The reason you want to ensure that it is professionally done is that everything will be documented. 

Second, you want to ensure that you know your policy. Make sure that the claim you are filing is within the terms of your policy. Make sure that you are reading the entire policy before submitting a claim. If you submit a claim and you do not meet the stipulations, you are not going to win the claim. 

Third, make sure that you have all documents available. You want to have any inspections, photos, and all proof of past and current repairs that have been done. Be sure that you are being as detailed as possible. The more detailed you are, the better chance you have. Again, being organized will also benefit you as well.

Make sure that you are filing a claim as soon as you see the damages. Make sure that you are not waiting as this can be a sign for failure. The sooner you file, the better your odds are. 


The bottom line is that you should never file a claim alone. You should always have professionals on your side. Make sure you have a roof inspection and all the proof you need to negotiate a roof replacement. If you are in this predicament, contact AK Contractor today. We can help you with your roof inspection or any other residential roofing services and help you file your claim today!

We hope you now better understand how to negotiate a roof replacement with insurance and we hope you contact AK Contractor!