How Do You Find The Best Siding Replacement Contractors In New Jersey?

If you are wondering how to find the best siding replacement contractors in New Jersey, this post will walk you through some important steps.


New Jersey is an area of the country that is filled with construction companies. Especially Northern NJ, where homes are densely packed and NY is right around the corner, you will have many contractors at your disposal. And many of them will be excellent!

However, for the case of replacing siding or siding installation, you’re going to want to hire the very best in your neighborhood. The reason why is that choosing a great company can up the value of your home and when done correctly it will last a very long time.

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Replacing the siding on your home is a significant investment. It can add value and curb appeal, but there are many variables to consider. So, where do you begin? We can help! We did some basic research for you and gathered a few pointers. Continue reading for tips for finding the best siding replacement contractors in New Jersey. 

Let’s get started!

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Once you have a few names, research each company online and with the Better Business Bureau. Check out their website, read reviews, and look at photos of their past work. Make a list of questions. Here are a few suggestions; Do they have references? Factory Certifications? Do they offer warranties? Do they offer energy saving Insulation board? Do they install new soffits? Do they have professional memberships? What is the length of memberships? Do they have professional designations (GCR)? Have they continued their education and passed exams? Are they involved in the community? What is their reputation among other contractors? How long have they been operating under their current company name? Remember that attempting to have your work completed right away at the lowest price may not be the best approach, be on guard for contractors who might promise a fast deadline at the lowest cost; it might signal they do poor quality work. Schedule consultations with the top three companies and compare their answers. 


Have a clear vision of the result. To that end, it’s helpful to collect pictures of siding that appeals to you from magazines, online, or even just taking pictures of homes you see while out and about. Once you have a good selection of images, sit down and study them. What do you like about each one? Is there a common thread running through all of them? Again, be specific and detailed about your preferences. By figuring out precisely what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to communicate your vision to your home siding remodeling contractor more easily.

Also, pinpoint what you need. Are performance and durability the most important to last through the New Jersey climate? Next, decide what style of siding you want. Many different options are available, from traditional lap siding, Shingle, Panel Verticle, to more modern materials like fiber cement. Once you’ve chosen a style, you’ll need to select a color. This part can be tricky, as you’ll want to ensure that the color compliments the rest of your home’s exterior. Play with different shades and home designs with online tools like the James Hardy Home Color Visualizer to see your finished result. 


Home siding remodeling contractors that are licensed, insured, and bonded have met specific requirements for each state. Your due diligence offers some degree of protection to you, the consumer, should something go wrong during the job. For example, if your contractor is only licensed and something goes awry, you may not have any recourse. However, if your contractor is licensed and insured, you would at least be able to file a claim with their insurance company. And if your contractor is licensed, insured, and bonded, you would have all of those options available to you, plus the added option of filing a bond claim. In short, it’s always best to choose a home siding remodeling contractor who is licensed, insured, and bonded. 

How do you know? Ask to see your contractor’s proof of insurance. They should be willing to furnish you with the license number and insurance, or surety, company. Then, verify this information with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs; they have a convenient search tool on their website. The contractor should have both Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance. They should have more than the essential minimum necessary, so you are not held financially responsible for damages. Contractors in New Jersey must be licensed. Moreover, if they complete the work without proper licensing, it could negatively impact you when it’s time to sell your house. Finally, ensure your homeowner’s insurance policy is up to date with relevant coverage!


The contractors should be straightforward, explicit, and patient. There should be no one pressuring you into a contract you do not understand. You must understand all the fine print. And, of course, everything must be in writing. The contractor should provide a detailed, specific work scope, what they offer to complete, their schedule, and prices. Take a project management approach: include milestones with objective measurements to help everyone stay on the same page and provide certainty throughout the process. 

Other things to look for include change procedures, dispute resolution, project close-out steps, and waiver of liens from subcontractors. The contract itself should be detailed and specific. Don’t sign the contract if you do not understand something or feel pressured. Instead, seek clarification until you feel safe and have a second person review the agreement before signing. 


Throughout this process, a siding contractor‘s communication will be critical. Do they patiently answer your questions? Or are they trying to sell you a particular product or deal? They should be willing to answer your questions thoroughly and not try to rush you through your fact-finding. If they are impatient and unwilling to provide the information you request, move on. It is a sign of a poor operating culture or something worse. You don’t want to work with them. In addition, they should have questions for you and try to understand what you need for your siding remodeling job. Finally, they should be eager to please you and carefully listen to your requests and concerns.


You should ask your contracting company in question what they specialize in. Do they specialize in residential remodeling? How many siding projects do they work on annually? Is this something that they specialize in?

Finding a business that specializes in the service you are looking for is the key to finding the best siding replacement contractors in New Jersey.

how to find the best siding replacement contractors in New Jersey


Replacing your home’s siding is an important decision – but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With our help, you can find the perfect contractor and get started on your project quickly and easily.

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Use our tips to find the best siding replacement contractors in New Jersey.