What Is The Difference Between A Roof Replacement And Re-roofing?

Are you wondering what is the difference between a roof replacement and re-roofing? Overall, re-roofing is not as invasive as a roof replacement. This is why it may seem like the best way to have your roof done. However, there are a lot of negatives that outweigh the benefits. Keep reading to learn more and decide which option is best for your home. 

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When you are re-roofing, you are going to be laying new shingles over your old ones. If you were to have a roof replacement, you are going to be tearing off the old shingles first before putting new ones down. However, re-roofing does not require as much work and that makes it more affordable. However, a re-roofing job will not be as trustworthy as a roof replacement. 

Keep in mind, all roofs are not going to be able to have re-roofing done. To be able to re-roof your house there are a few things that will be taken into consideration. This includes how many layers are already on the roof. It is going to depend on how good your current shingles are. Lastly, it is going to depend on what type of shingle you want to use on top of the existing materials. 


If you have only a single layer of shingles that are stable, you can do re-roofing as an option. This is a simple process of installing new shingles over the old ones. There is not a lot of debris or mess because the new material is simply going over the old materials. Keep in mind that this is not going to replace your roof and it will be more prone to leaking in the future. 


This type of residential roofing job is going to require a much more extensive process that will bring you long-lasting results.  Here are the steps to remove the roof. 

  • They are going to remove all the shingles that are currently on your home. They are also going to inspect your roof for damaged spots or weak spots. 
  • All hazards and other rotten pieces are going to be taken out and replaced. Often, you will see that the plywood has to be replaced in order to proceed. 
  • A layer will be put down to seal your roof. 
  • Shingles will be added based on what the owner of the home wants. 
  • Flashing and vents are added to aid in protection. 
  • All debris from the process will be cleaned up and your property will return to normal. 

Keep in mind that the process does differ from home to home. Some people need more work done and some people need less. The more work you need done, the more in-depth the process will be. 


Keep in mind that re-roofing is not usually a good option. If you are looking for something that is going to last you a while and keep you protected, replacing your roof is the answer. If you just need a quick fix until you can afford a roof replacement, it is best not to waste your time. Save up for a good roof replacement. 

It is also important to note that you might not need to get a roof replacement. You may not have to spend as much money. Once your roof is checked and inspected, you might need a simple repair instead of a new installation. 


You need to make sure that you are aware of your budget and how much the materials cost. However, if possible, ensure that you are doing a roof replacement or a simple roof repair. You should always ensure that an inspection is done on your roof. Call AK Contractor in New Jersey today to discuss all your options and schedule an inspection. AK Contractor can do roof replacement, new roof installation and can do repairs if that is all that is needed. Keep in mind, AK Contractor is going to give you what you need at the best prices. They are not going to make you spend extra money if you do not have to and are willing to work with a budget. Call today to see if your roof needs some care!