The Dangers of Spring Storms for Your New Jersey Roof

All across New Jersey, inclement weather can impact you with very little warning. During the spring storm season, intense winds, heavy rain, hailstorms, tornadoes, and flooding can wreak havoc on your home, leaving you with costly repairs including damaged roofs, broken windows, or wind damage to the structure of your property.

Read the following emergency preparedness suggestions to limit the impacts that spring storms could have on your home.

Trusted spring storm damage in New Jersey


  • Roof or structural damage to your walls from a fallen tree or high winds
  • Broken windows from hailstorms or objects thrown by heavy wind
  • Lightning strikes, which could lead to a fire
  • Fallen or damaged power lines due to large tree branches
  • Water damage caused by loose or damaged shingles, clogged gutters, or leaking roofs
  • Flooding in your basement or home
  • Loss of electricity
  • Animal infestations caused by critters looking for shelter during the storm


Clean Out Gutters & Downspouts

Clogged gutters, drains, and downspouts can lead to roof damage during a storm. Dirt and debris can cause water to be unable to flow away from the roofline, adding weight to your roof and potentially causing a roof collapse. Before the spring storms strike, check your downspouts and gutters to ensure that winter storms haven’t created any blockages. While you’re up there, make sure that all connections are secure and that no repairs are necessary.

Seal Your Windows, Doors, & Roof

Check the seals around your doors and windows. Look for loose screws and cracked caulking and make repairs if necessary. When you inspect your doors, check that there are three hinges on each to provide additional support. Then, make sure your threshold is screwed directly into your house, as opposed to only your door frame. If you find any missing or damaged shingles, an area of sagging, or other damage, have your roof professionally inspected before a storm hits. Roof repairs can keep your home from experiencing severe damage due to a leaky roof.

Search For Cracks In The Foundation

Even small cracks in your foundation or basement can put your home at risk of major damage during a spring storm. If water seeps in through the cracks, your home could be in danger of flooding. Furthermore, high winds can make existing cracks prone to widening, causing significant structural damage throughout the home. If you find or suspect any cracks in your foundation or basement, call a professional to seal them to help you prepare for a flood.

Install A Backflow Valve In Your Basement To Prevent Sewage Backup

Heavy rain can cause municipal sewer systems to become overtaxed, creating the possibility for excess water to flow backward through your home’s sewer lines. Plumbing fixtures situated at the lowest points in your home may be particularly prone to sewer backup. Consider installing a sewer backflow valve to divert unexpected water away from your sewer lines and back to your city’s sewage system.

Trusted Roof storm damage Repair in New Jersey


  • Assess The Damage. Gather your best estimate of the general square foot area and specific details of the area that has been damaged. Note the severity of the damage, and look carefully to see if there are areas of missing shingles. Depending on the severity of some cases, only a few random shingles will be missing.
  • Make Temporary Fixes to Minimize Property Damage. Serious damage may need to be waterproofed quickly using a strapped tarping method, while smaller repairs can be shingled immediately. Document the materials that were visible or exposed as you make the temporary fixes.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company. Your insurance company will help evaluate if the damage is large enough to be covered through home insurance, or whether it would be more economical to hire a contractor directly for any necessary repairs.


If you decide that a private contractor is the best solution for your roof and your budget, make sure to always hire a professional certified roofing contractor in New Jersey. AK Contractor & Roofing LLC has a team of experts who are ready to help you restore your home and your peace of mind 24/7/365. Call us today!