What Is The Cost Of A Roof Replacement NJ?

Are you wondering – what is the cost of a roof replacement NJ? As you know, your roof is a substantial portion of your home. It is responsible for protecting you from the weather and outside elements. If the roof is failing or compromised, it can leak, and this can cause many problems. We are going to talk about what a roof replacement costs in New Jersey. Keep in mind that it will depend on materials you use and other elements. With that said, at NJ roof replacement can start at as low as $5,000. However this price depends on a few different factors we will discuss below.

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There are many factors that can impact replacing a roofing structure in New Jersey. Work load, contractors assigned to the job, materials used, size of the property and area of New Jersey are a few things that will affect pricing. Some areas of New Jersey (specifically Northern NJ and in the NY Metro Area) will see more escalated pricing for roof replacements.


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Before you are starting to look at costs, you should look at the materials that you will need. How much you will need. To get an estimate of how much you will need, there is a simple trick. All you need to do is get the surface area and the height of the tallest point in your roof. These numbers multiplied are roughly what you will need for your home. Having this information will make getting a quote much easier. Plus, you will be able to better budget yourself if you know how much you are going to need to spend minimum. 


The most crucial factors to consider are the materials that are being put on the roof and the materials that were removed before the new roof was installed. The average price in the nation for materials ranges anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per square. 

Keep in mind that the average roof has about seventeen squares. This is about 2,200 sq. Feet. This means that if you spend the minimum with the cheapest material, it would be 2.5k. If you are looking to spend more on materials, you can spend upwards of 25k. 

It is important that you remember that the materials are the single most crucial factor when it comes to the cost of your roof. Roofing materials in New Jersey are anywhere from four dollars to fifteen dollars per square foot. Later in the article, we will talk about material prices. 


Labor is another factor that you must consider for cost. It is said that only forty percent of the cost is material. The rest is going to be labor costs. Labor can range anywhere from 150-300 dollars per square. If you wanted the square footage, that is $1.50-$3.00 per square foot. 

Keep in mind that most places are going to charge you for materials and labor. They are not going to charge you for the removal or other fees. The costs are strictly labor and material. 


In some cases, you may determine that you do not like the material that is being used for your roof now. That means that you can change the material when you do your roof. This may provide you with a better and more sound structure or be more pleasing aesthetically. However, each material is going to cost different rates. Some roofing materials are more expensive than others. We are going to talk about the average rates in New Jersey for the materials used. 


This is the most commonly used material. It is lightweight and the simplest to use. This means that it is easier to install. This in return will allow you to save money on labor costs. An asphalt roof will last a home at least fifteen years. However, they can last up to thirty years! 

You can expect to spend at least 350 dollars minimum per 100 sqaure feet in New Jersey. On the most expensive end, you can expect to spend 550 dollars. 


This is an all-natural beautiful roofing option. However, these types of roofs are going to be extremely high maintenance. They are also going to be more prone to fires because they are made of wood. 

You can expect to spend 630 dollars per one hundred square feet on average. You can expect to spend anywhere from 665-878 dollars per one hundred square feet in New Jersey. 


These are going to be rubber, plastic, and other substitutable materials that would be in place of the shake wood roof. They are going to provide a similar effect as the shake wood roof, but they are going to be less maintenance. They are also going to be more expensive as well because they are less maintenance. Expect to spend around twenty thousand dollars when using synthetic materials for your roof replacement. 


Metal roofs are one of the best investments that buildings can make. This is because they are going to be able to last longer. Plus, they help keep the energy in. When the energy is kept inside the house, the hot days are cooler, and the cooler days are warmer. 

These roofs are not cheap. That is why many people call them an investment. The prices vary and range depending on location. However, on average you can spend upwards of 1600 dollars on a metal roof per one hundred square feet. 

The price in New Jersey is going to be a bit more on the expensive side. The prices will average around one thousand dollars per one hundred square feet. However, the benefits are going to greatly outweigh the costs overall and even save money on utility bills such as heating and cooling costs. 


Tile roofs will be categorized with two distinct categories. This includes concrete and clay materials. These are exceptionally durable materials and will hold for a long time. However, they are going to be more expensive. With that being said, they are simple to repair as well as replace. 

You can expect to spend up to one thousand dollars per one hundred square feet. However, in New Jersey, you can expect those numbers to rise to 1,500 dollars per one hundred square feet. Keep in mind the numbers change based on how many tiles are used and what type of tile is used. 


Slate roofs are one of the best-looking roofs. They are also one of the most durable and look natural. However, they are going to be the most expensive roofs as well. Slate can be both natural and synthetic. The choice is up to you. The roofing prices can range from as little as nine hundred dollars per one hundred square feet to over two thousand dollars per one hundred square feet. The range in New Jersey is remarkably similar to the national average. 

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When calling to get a quote on a roof replacement or any other roof repair or residential roofing service, you are getting a blind estimate based on the best circumstances. After someone has come and inspected your roof, you will notice they are going to look for a few things. You can expect them to look at deck or other damages. This includes your leaking chimney, mold, damage to the gutters, and damage from the weather. 

Keep in mind that there will not be added charges unless you are spoken to first. An inspector must see your roof to give an accurate estimate. Once this is done, you can determine if they are going to be the roofing company for you. 


Replacing a roof can be costly and time consuming. That is why you should hire the best roof replacement company around. In New Jersey, call AK Contractor & Roofing LLC today if your considering renovating your roof! They are located in Union County and you can get a quote and find some of the best material prices around. Not to mention, some of the best labor rates as well. You will not have to worry about your roof when hiring AK Contractor! They will walk you through every step of the process and keep you informed about the project and prices. 

You should now better understand the question you had asked: what is the cost of a roof replacement NJ!